MI5 Mobile Surveillance Officer Training [BOOKED OUT]

Training for a job in MI5...

MI5 is very secretive about what it does. Of course, this is their job after all. But what if you'd like to work for them? How would you know how to practice? 

This is a group workshop looking to address this question. In the workshop we will look at different types of surveillance practices, approaches and counter-tactics. Beginning by looking at our own relationship to surveillance, watching and being watched, we will conduct a number of group exercises in Science Gallery Dublin and outside in the notional public space. Using MI5 job adverts as the security services chink in their secretive armour, we will then develop and enact exercises that will ready us for a career in surveillance!  

Simon Farid, who will be running the workshop, is a visual artist interested in the relationship between administrative identity and the body it purports to codify and represent. His piece in SECRET, Occupy Mark Stone, involves him taking over a discarded undercover police identity. Taking on the role of a hacker or trickster he looks to playfully intervene in the identity-generation process, operating as ‘other people’ and enacting ways to counter emergent institutional identity confirmation mechanisms. (A quick Google search will, of course, reveal where he lives, works, what he looks like and information about other people with whom he shares his name)



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