Atmosphere: in conversation

Arctic ice. Why does it have that colour and why is the mountain barely visible against the sky in the background? 

While many can appreciate the splendour of a rainbow, perhaps not everyone appreciates the physics behind it. Does that add or subtract from its beauty? Does it matter?

Physicist Tom McCormack and Artist Siobhan McDonald, both from University College Dublin, will discuss their recent collaborations from their own unique perspective. Rainbows, atmospheres, and the sun provided common areas of interest but can collaborations such as these lead to greater understanding or perhaps a mutual exchange of knowledge? These and other topics will be discussed in this joint talk as part of City of Physics 2015.

whiter_than_white_0.jpg  sunsets_and_meteors.jpg

Svalbard 2014 (Copyright Tom McCormack 2014) and Sunsets and meteors - a series of scrolls of multiple worlds (Copyright Siobhan McDonald 2015)


Main event image copyright Tom McCormack (cropped for this purpose)

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