Wikimedia Community Ireland present Blockchain: integrity, security, privacy and bitcoin

Join Wikimedia Community Ireland in the Paccar Theatre at Science Gallery Dublin for an evening of presentations about Blockchain. Come and learn about the technology which keeps Bitcoins secure and discover why a privacy technology is the key to Open Data and the future of contracts. Blockchain is used ensure the future of Open Data, privacy and currency. 

Speakers include:

Casey Kuhlman - CEO and co-founder of Eris Industries. Lawyer and software engineer with experience in legal process management, smart contracts, and decentralized autonomous organizations. @compleatang

Rachel O'Dwyer - Lecturer and research fellow in the School of Computer Science and Statistics. The founding editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed journal Interference. Leader of the Dublin Art and Technology Association. Curator of the Openhere conference and festival. Member of the peer-to-peer foundation who coordinates the P2P academic research network. @Rachelodwyer

Ingo Keck - Data analytics and machine learning expert. Also physicist, ex-lecturer for statistics and blockchain hacker. Co-founder of Open Knowledge Ireland. @ingo_keck

The presenters will be moderated by Denis Parfenov - Open Knowledge Ambassador and Advisory Council Member. Open Data Ireland community leader. Founder of ActiveCitizen initiative and co-founder of Open Knowledge Ireland. @prfnv

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JUST ADDED: Get hands-on with your laptop at the Blockchain Workshop being hosted at Tcube the following evening! 


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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
  • Price: Free - please register

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