Girl Geek Dinners

Girl Geek Dinners are a chance for ladies in technology to get together, enjoy some nice food and drinks, and have fun meeting other women in their field. Head over to the Meetup page to find out more information on GGD and RSVP for the event.

Our final event of 2015 will be December 3rd in The Science Gallery. 

Andrea Magnorsky will be speaking at the event. 

Talk: Definitely does compute

How we came to where we are today? How did it all started? In this talk we will go over a brief history of computing, from the beginnings. Including greatest hits from Hilbert, Turing, Church, Hopper and more. 

About Andrea:

I ended up as a Software Developer, I am pretty sure there was no other viable option. My current technical interests are F#, games, programming languages and philosophy of computing .

I really enjoy finding different ways to write code, sometimes for performance, other times for succinctness, sometimes, just because you can, there is no better way to learn than trying.

When I am not working I tend to play with Haskell or other languages or cats

Conferences and meetups are a great way to learn more, so I try to help when I can to make them happen. For that reason I co-organise Functional Kats and GameCraft. I also speak at local and international conferences like CodeMesh, Progressive.Net, ProF#, Lambda Days and many more.

6-6:30 Arrival 
6:30-7:15 Speaker 
7:15-8 Networking

Please make sure to RSVP by heading over to Girl Geek Dinners' meetup page. Men are of course welcome to attend, but only at the invitation of a woman – if you are bringing someone or are looking for an invitation, please send on an email to

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  • Where: Studio 1
  • Price: Free - prebooking essential

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