A Slice of Raspberry Pi

This is a 3 week course, running over 3 consecutive Tuesday evenings. Requirements for this course are a laptop with wifi capabilities.

What could you make with a pocket-sized computer? That's the question that has been asked and answered by over 3 million Raspberry Pi customers in the last 2 years, with everything from stop-motion cameras, touchscreen car dashboards, robot butlers and wifi-controlled pottery kilns being created.

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, Linux based computer that can do almost anything your laptop can but for a fraction of the price. Join us on this new course to learn the basics of Linux through building your own home entertainment system, creating your own personal cloud and setting up your own web server.

If you already have a Pi and want to bring it along you can avail of our course-only fee of €100. No Pi? No problem, we have a hardware and tuition option available for just €160.

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  • Where: Makeshop, Lincoln Place
  • Price: €160 WITH RASPBERRY PI, €100 B.Y.O. PI
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