Online Privacy: Risk, Opportunity & Innovation

Location: Stanley Quek Hall, TBSI, Pearse Street, Trinity College Dublin. 

How can the internet adapt to a more privacy-aware culture? How can we address the risks of online life, but still seize business, social, and cultural opportunities? With the rise of AdBlock, Ghostery, and a general frustration with online advertising, how can businesses continue to reach new customers?

To mark Data Protection Day 2016, Science Gallery has teamed up with Trinity College Dublin’s Information Compliance Office, Information Technology Services and the School of Computer Science and Statistics to create a programme of events that explore our online private lives.

Join us at the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute on Pearse Street for a discussion on the opportunities to innovate online, and the privacy risks that need to be traversed to do so. Hosted by Newstalk's Jess Kelly, and featuring contributors, Eoin O’Dell, Associate Professor of Law, Cliona O’Farrelly, Professor of Comparative immunology, journalist Emmet Ryan, Richard McKeown from Tadata, and Kevin Koidl co-creator of Bigfoot.

Jess Kelly is a broadcast journalist and reports on technology with The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk. 

Cliona O’Farrelly is Professor of Comparative Immunology at Trinity College Dublin, and her research group has been successful in describing unique immunological features and functions in the human gut, liver and uterus.

Emmet Ryan is editor of Connected and a business & technology reporter with the Sunday Business Post.

Eoin O'Dell is a Fellow and Associate Professor of Law, and Chair of the Fellows, in Trinity College Dublin.

Kevin Koidl is a Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin’s Department of Computer Science and is also based at the ADAPT centre, in collaboration with ALYIEN, a data analytics startup.   

Richard McKeown worked as Head of Loyalty and Local Marketing at Tesco Ireland, and currently works at the marketing and advertising firm, Tadata.  

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