Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 19:00 to 21:30
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Science Gallery Cafe

We are back with our curated dinner series for FIELD TEST, bringing you on a futuristic journey through food and dining.

First up, we’re inviting you to experience some traditional agricultural flavours with A Mexican Cook, we'll continue our journey exploring the futuristic delights served up by the theatrical The Domestic Godless, and finally we'll conclude the culinary tour with an artistic vision of the future from The Center for Genomic Gastronomy.

Join us for a Mexican feast inspired by La Milpa, an ancient Aztec agricultural method which could hold the secret to the future of farming. This multi-course dinner curated by Lily Ramirez-Foran of A Mexican Cook and Anthony O’Toole of Culinarian Press, will feature a menu designed around the trinity of a Mexican Milpa: Maize, Beans and Squashes.

These key ingredients will be complemented by the usual suspects such as chillies, tomatoes, edible flowers, wild greens and some meats, and all fresh ingredients will come straight from Lily’s Irish Milpa.

Each course will be designed to highlight ingredients from La Milpa and the history behind them, allowing us a peek into the nurturing relationship between what grows in an Irish field and the plate of a modern Mexican kitchen.

La Milpa, in the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs literally means 'what's planted in the field'. This agricultural method is able to produce food all-year-round from a small plot of land, a Milpa can grow up to 15 different crops at once, all feeding from each other and supporting the soil. Based on the natural cycles and seasons of the land; it's sustainable, with crop rotations and periods of fallow and it is said to be one of the richest and more complex organic ecosystems ever found. The green movement  and the demand from consumers searching for milpa to table alternatives, has created a new wave of small, modern farmers that are taking this two and a half thousand year old baton and carrying it into the future, hailing La Milpa as the key to food security, sustainable farming and the protection of local biodiversity.


Lily is responsible for the creation of A Mexican Cook, the hugely successful blog, where she shares her passion for real Mexican food. When she is not sharing her recipes, she's running her shop Picado Mexican with her husband Alan.  Here, you can buy authentic Mexican ingredients or if you’re lucky enough, you can book a spot in their sold-out-in-seconds monthly supper club.


Anthony O’Toole is a professional chef and food developer/consultant, and creator of culinarianpress.com. An active member of Euro-toques Ireland, Slow Food Dublin and Irish Guild of Sommeliers. He is also the Chairperson and Kitchen Director of Skillet Dublin. Anthony lives on the road, working on a variety of culinary collaborations in Ireland and the UK. Anthony has been a fan of Mexico’s food culture since he was 16-years old, although he has never been to Mexico! So naturally, Lily and Anthony became good friends and are embarking on curating this dinner together.