Snap, Crackle, and Pop with Nicola Twilley

From the history of the calorie to the science behind how the sound of food affects its flavour, award-winning journalist Nicola Twilley has made a career of telling all sorts of curious food and farming stories online, in audio format, and in print.

In this informal talk, Nicola will take you behind the scenes on three of her favourite stories, sharing the scoop on how she comes up with ideas, tracks down sources, gets inside meat lockers and seed vaults, and then, typically after much procrastination, turns all of that reporting into a compelling narrative. 

Nicola Twilley is a co-host of the award-winning Gastropod podcast, author of the blog Edible Geography, and a contributing writer at The New Yorker. She is deeply obsessed with refrigeration, and is currently writing a book on the topic. She is also co-authoring a nonfiction exploration of quarantine with Geoff Manaugh for Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

In her spare time, she makes smog meringues as part of an ongoing exploration of the taste of "aeroir," in collaboration with the Center for Genomic Gastronomy/CoClimate. She was named an inaugural UC Berkeley-11th Hour Food and Farming Journalism Fellow by Michael Pollan in 2013, and her work has been published in The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Popular Science, Cabinet Magazine, and Wired UK, among others.



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