Up next on our radical adventures through farming and food is a one of a kind live-cooking show, ArtMeatFlesh, staged in the beautiful Smock Alley Theatre.   

This live cooking show, hosted by bioartist Oron Catts, forces two teams of artists, scientists and philosophers to face-off in a kitchen, where they will confront lab grown meat, future food cults, a secret ingredient and the very strong stomachs of the audience. Join us to taste, debate, embrace or reject a future where meat derived from animals has disappeared entirely.   

The audience will be the judge of these recipes and rituals from the future, helping to decide if mankind should move towards automated protein factories or strange new festivals of excess and penance.

The artists, scientists and chefs competing in our live cook-off include artist Cathrine Kramer, scientist Dr Wendy Russell, and chef Clare Anne O'Keefe in Team 1, and in Team 2, there is artist Zack Denfeld, Scientist Abi Glencross, and chef Molly Garvey. 

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  • Price: €8/€12 – PRE-BOOKING ESSENTIAL
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