CONVERGENT TERRITORIES: Microscopy Society of Ireland Rory Comerford Memorial Lecture 2016

For the past fifteen years Rob Kesseler has collaborated with scientists across a range of specialisms, plant morphologists, cell biologists, bacteriologists, and geneticists to explore the living world at a microscopic level. It is an astonishing territory of complex patterns and structures that underpin life, one which he is passionate to share and inspire others through the artworks, books and events he creates. 

This lecture will reveal some of the convergent territories and histories that unite the arts and sciences and underpin his work, from the Micrographia of Robert Hooke to plant geneticists generating 3D forms to reveal flower development. The talk will show a range of the work he has produced, from drawings to electron micrographs and from works in glass to printed fabrics.

Rob Kesseler is a visual artist, Professor at Central Saint Martins and Chair in Arts, Design & Science at the University of the Arts London. A former NESTA Fellow at Kew and Research Fellow at the Gulbenkian Science Institute, Portugal, he collaborates with botanical scientists and molecular biologists to explore the living world at a microscopic level.

His work reveals a hidden world lying beyond the scope of the human eye producing images that lie somewhere between science and symbolism, in which the many complexities of representing life are concentrated into mesmeric visual images.

He exhibits internationally and has published an award winning series of books on Pollen, Seeds and Fruit with Dr Madeline Harley and Dr. Wolfgang Stuppy of Kew published by Papadakis. In 2010 they also published a monograph of his work, Rob Kesseler Up Close. 

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