The Health Research Board, as part of the HRB RED ALERT series, presents a public conversation on the threat that antibiotic resistance poses to global public health.

One morning in September 1928, biologist Alexander Fleming returned to his lab to accidentally discover one of the most widely used antibiotics, penicillin. By 1945 the antibiotic was being mass produced and distributed as a treatment for bacterial infection, saving millions of lives.

However, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the use and misuse of antibiotics accelerates the emergence of drug-resistant bacterial strains. If these new strains of bacteria cause an infection, there will be no immediate treatment and the patient may die. In the U.S., 700,000 deaths occur every year due to antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotics are not just used to treat human infections, but are also being misused in animal agriculture. 80% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are for animal agriculture.

Hosted by Jonathan McCrea from Newstalk's Futureproof, the panel features Wired and National Geographic journalist, and author of the award-winning SUPERBUG, Maryn McKenna, Andrew Murphy, GP and Director of the HRB Primary Care Clinical Trial Network Ireland, and Fidelma Fitzpatrick, Senior Lecturer at RCSI and Consultant Microbiologist at Beaumont Hospital, to discuss who will win the race: bugs or drugs.

Join in the conversation and decide whether you want your steak with a side of fries or drug-resistant bacteria.

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