Pop into our tent in MindField and explore some new perspectives through visual adventures, LED creations, futuristic Galactic Farms and invisible photo shoots in this year’s wonder-inducing line-up for Electric Picnic 2016.

We’re taking aspects of our current show, SEEING, on the road and bringing you the best of an exhibition that questions how eyes, brains, and robots see. At our tent in MindField, you can try out a range of experiences — from D-EYE, a sophisticated lens that attaches to a smartphone to take pictures of your retina, to glasses that simulate the experience of colour blindness.

Open your mind at our festival favourite, Ignite, and be inspired by high-energy, fast-paced five-minute talks that take a look at weird and wonderful topics like the tradition of building human towers, dolphins as thugs, online extremism and songs about oscillators. 

Andrew Douglas, creator of Urban Farm, will host a panel discussion on Urban Farming Unearthed, featuring Jeff Parnell and Melissa Moore of Galactic Farms. They will delve into the detail of their latest innovative projects, from creating solar-powered hydroponic greenhouses to using space industry technology in urban agriculture.

Finally, MAKESHOP will be on hand to teach you all the maker hacks you need to make the most of your festival experience — from DIY lights to help you find the way back to your tent to pinhole viewers and personalised bagges. You'll also get the chance to learn how to make latte art, pick up some farming hacks to take home and help us build fractal pyramids that will grow in size over the weekend.


SUNDAY 04.09.16

12:00 – 14.40: HANDS ON! Workshops and interactive demos
15.00 – 15.50: Eight Easy Pieces 
16.00 – 16.50: The Science of Coffee: Creating the perfect cup  
17.00 – 17.50: Seeing Vs Looking: A drawing workshop


12.00 – 14.40: HANDS ON! 
Science Gallery Dublin will be performing hands-on interactive demos throughout the day, and offering workshops for those of you who are feeling creative, including: 

  • MINDBALL: Strap on sensors and compete in an intense mental battle to see who is the most relaxed.
  • VIEWPOINT STATION: Examine sight and vision in unexpected ways. Use D-EYE to find out what your retina looks like, and experience colour blindness when you try on our simulation glasses.
  • PINHOLE VIEWER: Learn how to make your own pinhole viewer and watch the world turn upside down.
  • BADGE HACKING STATION: Create your own badge to take away as a souvenir from your visit. Take inspiration from our exhibitions and be as creative as you can!
  • INVISIBLE PHOTO BOOTH: A chance to dazzle your eyes and create an image where you will be seen and then unseen. Festival goers are invited to try on our identity disguising reflective clothing which reflects light back to the camera and conceals the image - The perfect garment for those who want to remain a mystery.  
  • TOG HACKERSPACE: Join TOG for a creative and hands-on workshop inspired by our exhibition SEEING.
  • GROW YOUR OWN: An urban farming workshop held by Urban Farm’s Andrew Douglas.
  • CLOUD PICKER: The resident coffee roasters at Science Gallery Dublin's cafe demonstrates the art and science of home brewing, as well as taking you on a guided coffee tasting tour.
  • SOUND PLAYGROUND (DkIT/SARC): Investigate and interact with a number of music and sound-making tools including mini-synths, circuit-bent toys and experimental devices such as hacked tape machines. Connect these sounds to oscilloscopes and audio visualising tools to 'see' the shape of the sounds you’re creating, or drive a speaker cone covered with non-Newtonian fluid.
  • MAKESHOP:  Our very own MAKESHOP are back in MindField this year.  They'll be treating us to a number of different workshops only building your own LED torch, creating with the Makey Makey kit and turning old LPs into fully functioning clocks.
  • FRACTAL PYRAMIDS:  MAKESHOP will be running a build throughout the festival — help create a geometric cover for our tent that will grow in size each day of the Picnic. 
15.00 – 15.50: EIGHT EASY PIECES
Our Science Gallery mediators — a team of science fans, art aficionados and technophiles — will present a series of fast-paced talks at Eight Easy Pieces. Prepare to impress festival goers with facts on tulip stealing, the Large Hadron Collider and atomic importance.  
Ever wondered how they come up with the flavour notes on your bag of coffee? Discover the uniquely scientific approach behind the coffee flavour wheel with Tom Hopkinson of Cloud Picker, and learn how to identify all the delicious fruity, floral, and nutty aromas in your coffee (and maybe a few of the unpleasant ones too!)
What do you see? What do think you see? Pop into the tent for an informal drawing workshop to pick up some new techniques and find out how to give your eyes depth.  
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