Towards an Automated Future: Meet the humans curating HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY

Join us behind-the scenes of Science Gallery Dublin’s upcoming show HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY.  This is a unique opportunity to meet the people behind the exhibition and feed back on the themes and topics that will shape the show. 

We'll cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of artificial intelligence... think Tesla, Facebook bots, and Roomba-poopocalypse. We'll ask questions like can robots create art, and if a computer makes it, can it be culture? 

Join the experts at the cutting edge of technology, automation and culture as we discuss how humans will adapt to a world that needs our labour less and less. Will Artificial Intelligence and automation make every day like the weekend or make us all unemployable

Come for the sneak peek of Science Gallery Dublin's 2017 programme, and stay for a special version of the Turing test where we’ll mix human-created and robot-created paintings, musical scores and even poems to see who can tell the difference.  It’s harder than you think.

The HNNA curators include:

  • William Myers – Writer, curator and bio-art expert
  • Amber Case – Entrepreneur and cyborg anthropologist
  • Damien Henry – Technical program manager at Google and Cardboard co-creator
  • Lynn Scarff – Science Gallery Dublin Director

Admission is FREE but places are limited

[Image: Robot sitting at a desk, part of Vincent Fournier's photography series The Man Machine. (c) 2010 Vincent Fournier]

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