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Big-Data and Internet Of Things 

Internet of things are connecting the physical world to the internet. It is estimated that there will be at least 10 devices per each person in any technological society by 2020. Hadoop offers an ecosystem to acquire, process and analyze both structured and unstructured data.  This talk highlights a reference architecture for deploying thousands of IOT devices and managing them with the Hadoopecosystem. This talk introduces some high-level concepts of IOT devices and highlights how various tools of Hadoop ecosystem assists to manage those devices.  Ammeon is working towards providing a Hadoop platform which enables businesses to leverage internet of things. This talk gives a glimpse of various market vertices, where aHdoop ecosystem can play together with IOT networks.  We will also be talking about real world problems being worked on or being solved with IoT & big data platforms like Hadoop in healthcare and sports.

The Speakers

• Sriram Reddy - big data architect, working at Ammeon  

• Justin Lawler - Developer & organizer of the Dublin branch of Quantified Self.  

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  • Where: Studio 1

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