First Up: Cathal Garvey

First Up: Creative entrepreneurs on breaking through

A series of lunchtime talks from the creative minds at the forefront of Irish culture, science and the arts.

The unique individuals featured in the First Up series have believed in an idea and did everything possible to make that idea work. They invested in their own talent and creativity in order to create a career or lifestyle suited to their vision and personal aspirations.

The speakers will tell their own stories from the beginning, how they developed their ideas and will share their plans for the future.

Cathal has become known for DIYbio and democratised biotechnology, and has spoken around Europe on the subject including at PICNIC Amsterdam 2012 and TEDx Dublin. He has been interviewed by MIT Technology Review, the New York Times, Le Monde, and others. He was a co-curator at the Grow Your Own exhibit at Dublin’s Science Gallery. He was also a mentor in IndieBio’s first year as “SynbioAxlr8r”. He is now a co-founder at Ireland’s first community laboratory, Forma Labs.

You can see the full line up of speakers here.

First Up is a collaboration based at Trinity College Dublin between Science Gallery Dublin and Trinity Long Room Hub.


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