Personal Data: Weapon or Defence?

With cybersecurity and cyberwarfare at the top of the political agenda, how can you protect yourself?

Data breaches have been at the centre of many recent scandals, impacting everything from the US Presidential Elections to the 2016 Summer Olympics.  While personal data has massive potential to assist in scientific and medical discovery, it can also be used for fraud, espionage and sabotage.  With data becoming one of our most valuable resources, how can we make sure it’s used with our best interests in mind?

To mark Data Protection Day 2017, Trinity College Dublin will explore the biggest issues surrounding personal data in a free event, hosted by Newstalk's Jess Kelly, and featuring technology journalist Karlin Lillington, law professor Eoin O’Dell, and biomedical researcher Orla Hardiman.

Join us for a discussion on the scientific and political value of data, as well as the new technologies that are improving your life, while collecting your data.

Organised by Trinity College Dublin’s Information Compliance Office, IT Services and Science Gallery Dublin to mark Data Protection Day 2017.  

Location: JM Synge Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin


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