An automation too far? A debate on AI-created art

When is art, not art? What if it’s made by a robot? Is the human perspective a prerequisite for creating human culture, or could our creative industries soon be outsourced to machines?

The cultural applications of artificial intelligence are exploding in sophistication, with paintings, poetry, music and even cinema being created via machine learning. Are we entering an ‘AI renaissance’, where human art and culture will be created autonomously by machines? Or is art a uniquely human endeavour, and such algorithmic ‘artists’ are just pretenders who create picturesque but ultimately meaningless media?

Join artist, hacker and creative technologist Ross Goodwin and HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY curator William Myers as they debate whether robots can create art, followed by a discussion and audience Q&A. We’ll kick off with a special screening of SUNSPRING, the world’s first sci-fi short written entirely by an algorithm.

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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
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