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Self Quantifying Health

Do you track personal information, hoping to gain insights into yourself or your surrounding world? Are you curious about people who do?  The Dublin Quantified Self group (#QSelfDublin) is for anyone interested in self-tracking. Whether you record your jogging times, how often you communicate with friends or how you are feeling - they would love to hear from you! 

Can we track what we ate from our blood? From our pee?  The Nutri-Markers team from UCD are exploring this as part of the UCD-Nutrimarkers study, gaining a deeper understanding of the link between nutrition and health.  The potential for this is huge - no more food diaries for a start.   The science of nutrigenomics, metabolomics, is still very much in it's infancy, with advanced testing with DNA and blood analysis.  You can find out more on the UCD project on their website here


Professor Lorraine Brennan - Lorraine's background and interests revolve around metabolism and altered metabolic pathways in health and disease. She leads a metabolomics research group in UCD and is instrumental in the development of metabolomics for nutritional research. You can find out more background on Lorraine here.

Helena Gibbons - Helena is currently involved in the A-Diet studyin UCD working with metabolites and other diet biomarkers. Helena has a huge background knowledge in metabolites and nutrition. 

Taciane Alegra - Taci is currently working on the A-Diet study. Taci brings her background in genetics and molecular biology to the study from her PhD in Brazil. 

To RSVP for this event, please visit the Quantified Self's Meet Up page.

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