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Why is it that human interaction is important for our well-being, that we have the means to virtually connect to thousands of people, and yet loneliness is an epidemic? How have social media changed the way we experience intimacy? What are the components of intimacy in our relationships with parents, children, lovers or spouses, or with friends, colleagues or strangers? Does intimacy change in different phases of our lives? And, is art or science better suited to understand intimacy?

How, and for what purposes, could we use science to improve interpersonal connections? We are looking for volunteers to participate in a EU-funded research project, conducted by Dr. Giovanni Frazzetto, that is aimed at understanding and expanding what it means to be intimate today and how science might or might not help us understand it.

Whether you are single or a budding lover, a parent or grandparent, just married or been in a relationship for several years etc., you would be welcome to share your ideas and perception on various aspects of intimate human connection.

Book your slot by registering Eventbrite and we will be in contact with all the relevant information. The study is open to volunteers of any gender, age (+18) and background and involves a short private interview (30-40 minutes) with Giovanni. If you are not available on the day, please book the alternative day on eventbrite.

If you have any queries or would like to receive more information about any aspect of the study and your participation, please feel free to get in touch by writing to:

We would be delighted and grateful to have your contribution.


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