Let's demystify jobs in tech. We invited the following guests to tell you about their experiences in getting hired for a tech job as well as tips and advice when they are interviewing candidates for a tech role in their company.

We will open the floor to questions after the panel. Afterwards, if you are still want to discuss about this, we can head over across the road to O'Neill's Pub on Pearse Street.

Our Panelists

Christina Lynch (Moderator)
Sorcha Bowler (Software engineer, Betbright)
Sarah Doran (Software Development Manager, Travelport Digital)
Ingrid Epure (Software engineer, Intercom)

Ingrid is an engineer currently working for Intercom in Dublin, Ireland. She has been coding for more than 12 years and discovered her passion for distributed systems and infrastructure 3 years ago. She is a conference speaker, an active member in the Python community and loves mentoring and helping with community-driven events.

Running Order

18:00 - 18:45 -- Food & Drinks reception before the panel
18:45 - 19:15 -- Panel
19:15 - 20:00 -- Q&A (45 minutes)
20:00 -- Onwards O'Neill's Pub (Pearse St) afterwards for a drink and and continue with your conversation from the event.

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About #weAREhere

weAREhere are a collective of diversity-friendly groups that gather for events every year.

For this event, the following groups are involved:

Coding Grace
Ireland Girl Geek Dinners
Women Who Code Dublin

If your diversity in tech group wishes be involved, drop us an email at wearehere@eventgeek.ie.

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