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Is the workplace of the future going to be ruled by robots, and will that mean that humans be out of a job, or leisurely enjoying more free time? How will robots tap into the creative and artistic spheres? As robots take over the basics, will humans turn into more caring, compassionate creatures? And what does ‘werk’ really mean*?

Against the backdrop of the HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY exhibition, Science Gallery Dublin presents WERK*: a one-day careers event for Transition Year and Senior Cycle secondary school students, which aims to explore the jobs of the future, the varied pathways to what may not have even been deemed ‘success’ in our parents’ time, the reasons to take a risk, the learning curve of failure, and the inspiration to make a difference in the world.

The morning session will feature lightning talks from a range of inspiring speakers and interactive ‘Situation Rooms’ where WERK* participants and a panel of experts will collaboratively debate the outcomes of some post-truth scenarios such as political collapse, catastrophic viral outbreak, robot takeover or the post-apocalyptic rebuilding of society. The afternoon session will feature performances, demonstrations and chat sessions, allowing participants to meet people from a range of occupations and backgrounds and find out about what they do, why they do it, and what they wish they had or hadn’t done along the way.

Advance registration through Eventbrite is essential to secure a free ticket. Lunch is from 1-2pm and is not included or supervised. Our café will be open throughout the day, and students may leave Science Gallery Dublin during lunch time.

More information will be sent to participants by email before March 9th.

*WERK: To do something to an exceedingly excellent capacity

This event is presented in partnership with the EU Hypatia project:  promoting gender diversity and equity in STEM education. www.expecteverything.eu/hypatia @hypatiaprojects


Free - registration required