Atari Punk Console Workshop with Sam Battle (Look Mum No Computer)

Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 12:00 to 16:00
Makeshop, Lincoln Place


Join Science Gallery Dublin at MAKESHOP to make your own DIY sound synthesiser with Sam from Look Mum No Computer. Learn about the 555 chip, practice your soldering and circuit building skills, and make some old school sounds with an Atari Punk Console. The Atari Punk Console is one of the most widely used and most simple sound-producing designs, and is the perfect circuit for beginners to build.

Learn the necessary techniques to create your own simple DIY sound synthesiser.
Explore the historic stepped tone generator first designed by Forrest M. Mims in 1980.
Practical, hands-on workshop, including all tips on how electronic circuits work.

Please Note:

No experience required but this workshop is strictly 15+.
We suggest all participants bring a suitable enclosure for their synthesiser. It can be anything you have lying around from an old VHS tape case, to a nice old wooden box! Please note there will be four to five holes drilled into it to make space for the knobs and jacks.