Thursday, July 13, 2017 (All day) to Sunday, July 16, 2017 (All day)
FROM €11.00

Dark Skies: A Festival of Science Fact and Fiction is a collaboration between Science Gallery Dublin and the Irish Film Institute. 

From its beginnings, cinema has engaged with and taken inspiration from scientific discoveries and new technologies; the films in Dark Skies: A Festival of Science Fact and Fiction have been chosen for their willingness to incorporate plausible scientific methods and practices into their fictional scenarios.

The imaginative leaps taken by the creators of these fantastical cinematic visions are underpinned by real-world scientific explorations – the exacting lab work of The Andromeda Strain, with its steady accretion of increasingly alarming data; the hard science approach Primer takes to the concept of time travel, and the representation of actual achievements in space exploration in The Right Stuff, Philip Kaufman’s epic salute to the first astronauts (showing in 70mm) and The Farthest, Emer Reynolds’ magnificent documentary account of NASA’s Voyager space programme, a truly complimentary pairing.

The festival represents a development of the programming concept that informed Futures Past, presented at IFI in April 2016 in collaboration with Science Gallery Dublin, which explored how the cinema of the past has imagined our future. Dark Skies hopes to indulge in both the pure enjoyment of speculative science fiction cinema and investigate the more grounded work of filmmakers representing advances in the sciences.

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