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In this workshop, aimed at complete beginners with no previous soldering or DIY experience, we take the student through the process of building a guitar pedal PCBs and kits. At the end of the workshop the student will have a working Fuzz guitar pedal they can take home with them.

After a safety talk, we begin the workshop by providing a comprehensive soldering lesson, where users will learn the correct and safe way to solder. We include how to solder to a circuit board as well as connecting wires together.

Following this we begin the build, starting at the stomp switch, followed by the circuit board and other connections. Once everything is soldered together we place everything into a solid aluminium enclosure.

As we go through the build we explain what each part of the circuit is for and how it affects the sound. We also introduce the students to the circuit’s schematic and explain how it all works together.

No experience required but this workshop is strictly 15+.

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