Hack the Brain Dublin - Kick-Off Event

As the public opening of Hack the Brain Dublin 2017, this event will showcase the projects which will be hacked over the weekend, with each project presented to the audience in its nascent form.

This public event also features invited speakers from around Europe who will share their expertise in the realm of brain-computer interface technology and its uses, including the use of BCI for artistic purposes, and the significance of this art for ethics and aesthetics.

The programme will finish up with the Prix Ars Electronica 2017 Award Winning artist Marco Donnarumma performing his piece "Ominous". 

All guests are invited to attend our post-event social (Details TBC).


Benjamin Blankertz, Neurotechnology Group Technische Universität Berlin
Overview of EEG signals for Interaction: A short overview of different components of the signals that are recorded with EEG acquisition systems. There will be no detailed information about the functional meaning of certain brain rhythms, but rather a breakdown into signals and noise. The focus will be on the perspective of employing EEG features for interaction and of what to expect from Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and EEG-based neurofeedback for brain hacking.
Ratko Petrovic (Brain Products GmBH, DE) Introduction to Brain-Computer Interface technology
Sabine Roeser & Veronica Alfano (TU Delft, NL): The significance of BCI-based art for ethics and aesthetics
Stephen Dunne (StarLab, ES): Brain Computer Interfaces are often associated with human computer interaction or how we interact with the world. Our work, however, has focussed on two questions: How might we use BCI technologies for clinical applications? and What happens when we close-the-loop by transmitting information in the other direction, into the brain?
Angela Riccio (Fondazione Santa Lucia, IT): Brain Computer Interface meets Art: present and future
Marco Donnarumma (IT, Universität der Künste Berlin, DE): Prix Ars Electronica 2017 Award Winner, performing "Ominous"
Hackathon project leaders 



Partners & Sponsors
The BrainHack project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 686987. The project is supported by the FET Open initiative, which supports the early stages of science and technology research and innovation around new ideas towards radically new future technologies. This project is part of the EU STARTS initiative.
Hardware sponsors: Brain Products GmbH, g.tec medical engineering & Starlab Barcelona SLU
BrainHack partner institutions: T.U. Delft (NL), Waag Society (NL), ArtShare (BE/PT), Santa Lucia (IT) and T.S.R. ACT (CZ).


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