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This is a group for Clojure enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning more about functional programming. We get together once a month to discuss all things Clojure and how best to use it to do awesome things!

All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome so don't be intimidated!

This month's talk:

The Feynman Machine: AI architecture in Clojure/Neanderthal (Speakers: Louise Klodt & Fergal Byrne)

Clojure and the JVM haven’t had a great reputation for number-crunching, computationally taxing tasks, and one of the toughest tasks right now is machine learning. Using ClojureCL and Neanderthal to implement a novel, performant machine learning architecture, we’re using the expressive power of Clojure to build user-friendly interfaces to a new, brain-inspired machine learning platform which learns as humans do. The Feynman Machine is new theory of intelligence, which combines recent developments in Applied Mathematics, Neuroscience and Machine Learning to explain how the brain works and build new technologies for AI. Leveraging the performance of Neanderthal/ClojureCL, the power of the Feynman Machine, and the simplicity of Clojure, the project aims to set a new standard in platforms for experimentation and development in machine learning and AI.

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