A Music, MIDI Workshop using the Arduino System with Tom Scarff

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Ever wanted to create your own musical instrument but don’t know where to start? MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) has been the standard method for electronic instruments to communicate with each other since the early eighties. Join us at Science Gallery Dublin and build your own digital interactive instruments using the Arduino boards with Tom Scarff. This workshop is ideal for people who have a basic familiarity with the Arduino and want to move into the endless possibilities that MIDI adds. 

  • Learn about IDE and see how to set it up for communication with the board.
  • Explore and understand the use of the serial output communications for MIDI data transmission and MIDI protocol.
  • Practical hands on experience of various capacitive sensors connected to digital inputs to control serial MIDI output from the board.

Material List for Participants:

  1. A Laptop
  2. The Arduino IDE should be installed before workshop commences. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE), can be downloaded from here.
  3. Also download the CapSense Library here.
  4. MIDI software synthesisers should be pre-installed.
  5. pre-install the MIDI Library from here

No experience required but this event is strictly over 15s. 


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