Saturday, July 22, 2017 - 18:00 to 20:00
Paccar Theatre

Join us for a sneak preview of a new landmark, three-part science series for BBC Two, Secrets of the Human Body with Director & Producer Dr. Penny Palmer, as part of the Festival of Curiosity.

We now know you have a second brain in your gut, that the power to beat cancer may be hidden in your immune system and that your body is made of more bacteria cells than human ones — a system called the human microbiome that is essential for good health.

The series will show how these discoveries are dramatically altering the way we think about the systems that bind the human body together; the hormones, genes, immune and nervous systems that make each one of us function.

Exploring the question of how much of who we become as adults is preordained and how much can we change through our experiences. This episode will focus on us as individuals — our bodies, brains and social lives — to discover what makes us who we are.​

The Festival of Curiosity* is Dublin’s International festival of science, art, design and technology. July 20-23, 2017. Visit for more information.
Suitable for 15+

Kindly supported by the British Council.