Friday, September 22, 2017 - 20:00 to 21:00

As part of our Culture Night programming, we are delighted to host a very special episode of Sounds From The Ether by Julien Clancy exploring the history of the theremin, followed by a short theremin performance with Richard Duckworth and Analog On. 

Sounds From The Ether is an evening of stories told through sound. For this Culture Night, inspired by the SOUND CHECK exhibition, Julien will be exploring the story of two inventions, over a hundred years apart, that combine sound and science in the most remarkable ways.

First up, listeners will be gripped by the extraordinary true story of ingenuity, bravery and medical science that led to the development of a new version of the stethoscope that is helping to save lives in one of the most battle-scarred countries on Earth. 

We'll then travel back in time to over a hundred years ago to hear the compelling story behind one of the most intriguing musical instruments ever invented: the theremin. The eerie and mysterious sound from the theremin has been featured in everything from 1950s b-movies, like The Day the Earth Stood Still, to songs by The Beach Boys and Led Zepplin. The story of its Russian inventor, Leon Theremin, is a mysterious one, featuring spies, espionage and the Cold War. Featuring contributions from Leon Theremin's biographer, Albert Glinsky, and Dorit Chrysler, one of the leading thereminists in the world, this audio presentation will also feature a live theremin performance afterwards from Richard Duckworth.

Sounds from the Ether was commissioned by the Science Gallery Dublin for Culture Night and is made possible with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. 

This talk forms part of SOUND CHECK OFFSITE, a collaboration between Science Gallery Dublin and Chartered Accountants Ireland.

If you are an attendee who would like to avail of ISL interpretation for this event, please contact