Concussion in sport – what is the current state of play?

Sport is an important part of many of our lives, and taking part in physical activity in crucial to our health. Exercise and competitive sport are not without risk, and there has been great concern in recent years on the effects of some sports on brain health. There has never been so much information in the media about sports-related concussion, and barely a week passes without some concerning incident regarding this injury. It is very difficult for athletes and parents of athletes to decide if it still safe to take part in some sports.

In this lecture, we will be hearing from Steve Broglio and Mike McCrea on the current research into concussions and its effects. Both are international experts in sports concussion and were part of the expert panel that formed the 2016 Berlin Consensus Statement that informs all clinicians how to manage concussion. They are also leading a study with colleagues examining 40,000 athlete participants, the biggest concussion study worldwide and are visiting Dublin as expert advisors to the Trinity College Dublin Concussion Research Group, including the Leinster Rugby programme. 

Following the presentation Steve and Mike will be joined on a panel by Isaac Boss, former Irish and Leinster professional rugby player and now Rugby Players Ireland Relationships Manger, and Prof John Ryan, Team Doctor Leinster Rugby and Professor of Emergency Medicine, UCD.  The panel will be hosted by Dr Fiona Wilson. 

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Steven Broglio is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan in the School of Kinesiology and Departments of Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is Director of the NeuroTrauma Research Laboratory and the Concussion Lead for the University Of Michigan Injury Centre. Steven completed his training at the University of Georgia and took his first faculty position in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign. He has been at the University of Michigan since 2011.

Mike McCrea is Tenured Professor of Neurosurgery and Director of Brain Injury Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and a research neuropsychologist at the Clement Zablocki VA Medical Centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is ABCN board-certified in clinical neuropsychology and is the past President of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN).  Mike has been an active researcher in the neurosciences, with numerous scientific publications, book chapters, and national and international lectures on the topic of traumatic brain injury. 

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