DesignFix Symposium: Is Democracy in a State of Emergency?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 18:15 to 20:00
Free - Please Register
Paccar Theatre

Our political systems depend on trust, but in a post-truth era, will it be possible for Governments to retain legitimacy? And what does design have to do with it?

A panel featuring Chelsea Mauldin, Executive Director of the New York based Public Policy Lab, Eamonn Kennedy, Chief Product Officer at Storyful, and Henry Poskitt, Director of will be discussing the rise of populism, the role of media & social networks in it’s spread, and the challenges it poses to our public institutions and wider social cohesion. 

John Buckley, coordinator of’s DesignFix programme, will also unveil an international design collaboration they have recently undertaken with UL, IADT, NCAD and policy think-tanks to tackle citizen disillusionment with government. The concept explores how participatory democracy could work in the 21st century. 

This event is being organised by and supported by Science Gallery Dublin.