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Is climate change a threat to humanity and if so how? Many of us share some sort of apprehension that the world and its climate is spiralling out of control. Exploding volcanos, hurricanes, raging wildfires and once-in-lifetime storms are becoming a more regular feature of the daily news – and all this as the planet has warmed by less than 1C above preindustrial temperatures. Our changing climate will exacerbate some of these natural hazards. So, what are our options? Could we live in an extreme world? Are there other places we could go? What would it be like to live on Mars or Titan or an asteroid?  Should we stay or should we go? This talk will explore our earthly and extra-terrestrial options.

Mary Bourke is director of the Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Group and professor at  Department of Geography  in Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests lie in the area of extremes. Mary's goal is to better understand geomorphic processes in extreme environments (deserts on Earth and on Mars) and during extreme events (floods, mass wasting).

Join us as we delve into the world of disaster with leading experts for a weekly six-part night course. From climate catastrophe to solar flares, join us to discuss how the world might end and how are we going to survive the apocalypse — whichever one comes first. Book one night class for €5 (plus booking fee of €1), or why not book a bundle of three and get one free. A bundle also includes a limited edition tote bag, print and you can enjoy a drink on us at the night course finale.

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