Night Course: Off the Grid Armageddon

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 18:30 to 20:00

15.2 million texts are sent very minute. 45,787 uber trips are taken every minute. Spotify adds 13 new songs a minute. We tweet 456,000 times minute. 3.6 million Google searchers happen every minute …. And the list goes on.

We live our lives as connected human beings. The network has become an extension of ourselves. What if the network goes down? Are we still ourselves? How could be even begin to function without the net?

The focus of this weeks session is 'networks as critical infrastructure’ for economic, educational, social, and cultural activity (not to mention network as critical infrastructure for the expression of the self). We explore the ever-increasing trends toward networked services, automated control, and algorithmic governance that are enabled through connectivity and networking. We seek to understand the consequences for disruption to our connectivity and (dis)connectedness. 

We're joined by Linda Doyle, Director of CONNECT — the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications, and Professor of Engineering and The Arts in Trinity College Dublin. She was also the Director of CTVR, the precursor to CONNECT. Her expertise lies in the fields of wireless communications, cognitive radio, reconfigurable networks, spectrum management and creative arts practices.

CONNECT is the World leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications. CONNECT is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund.

Join us as we delve into the world of disaster with leading experts for a weekly six-part night course. From climate catastrophe to solar flares, join us to discuss how the world might end and how are we going to survive the apocalypse — whichever one comes first. Book one night class for €5 (plus booking fee of €1), or why not book a bundle of three for €16 and get one free. A bundle also includes a limited edition tote bag, print and you can enjoy a drink on us at the night course finale.

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