Night Course: The Geomagnetic Apocalypse

Space weather describes the dynamic conditions in Earth's outer space environment in the same way that weather refers to conditions in Earth's lower atmosphere. Whilst everyday space weather will not be noticeable to most people, a severe space weather event can significantly impact a multitude of vital ground- and space- based technologies and infrastructure on which we depend as part of our daily lives. This talk will debunk the myths surrounding solar eruptions and geomagnetic storms, explaining what exactly space weather is: its origins at our Sun, potential impacts on Earth, and the steps we are taking to mitigate severe events.

Sophie Murray is a solar physicist and space weather scientist, with her research interests ranging from solar active regions and eruptions to the impact of space weather on the Earth's upper atmosphere. After completing a PhD in solar physics at Trinity College Dublin, Sophie worked as a Research Scientist at the Met Office, the UK's national meteorological service. Collaborating with scientists, forecasters, policy makers, and end users, she transitioned basic science to operational space weather forecasting products. Now a Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin, Sophie is currently investigating the solar source of eruptive events in order to better predict them.

Join us as we delve into the world of disaster with leading experts for a weekly six-part night course. From climate catastrophe to solar flares, join us to discuss how the world might end and how are we going to survive the apocalypse — whichever one comes first. Email for more information. Please note all tickets purchases are final and cannot be returned.

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