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As part of Science Week 2017, Science Foundation Ireland and Science Gallery Dublin are pleased to present some of the leading and award-winning films from the recent European Science TV and New Media Festival, held annually in Lisbon.  Five very different films are featured, including The Himalayas: The Abode of Snow, an episode from the series Planet Ice

The Himalayas, for most of us, is that mountain chain home to the highest peaks in the world and synonymous with eternal snow. For scientists trying to unravel the secrets of its immense glaciers, the Himalayas retain an aura of mystery. Almost everything remains to be discovered. But there is now some urgency. The glaciers at the top of the world represent the largest existing ice sheet after the polar ice caps. What happens to them will impact both local communities across a large area and also the world through global environmental change. This film follows the research of scientists who have to endure tough conditions and long treks to measure changes in the glaciers, and interpret their consequences. The glorious scenery ensures that this absorbing story can be appreciated at different levels.

The Himalayan mountain peaks are the cradle of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, Indus, Mekong, Salween, and Yangtze rivers. More than a billion people live to the rhythm of the great rivers of Asia, powered in part by glacier water. Being able to measure and predict the evolution of these glaciers is a challenge of importance on both scientific and societal levels. For the destiny of humanity and glaciers are inevitably linked. What will happen to man if tomorrow these giants become dwarfs?

​This event is brought to you by Science Gallery Dublin, Science Foundation Ireland and European Science TV and New Media Festival.

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