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An Arduino is a little computer that you can program to interact with the world around you. You can use it to make millions of cool projects, from laser harps to robotic arms — but if you’re just getting started, this is the perfect workshop to learn the basics of Arduino programming and electronics.

In no time at all, you'll be reading information from sensors and writing programs to use this data to control outputs like lights and motors. You will also have access to online notes for each class so that you can keep working on your projects between classes.

We have ordered brand-new kits for this course, with all the components and cables you’ll need in addition to the Arduino for just €80 (RRP €100) on top of the course price, and if you have your own kit you’ll just pay the tuition price of €100.

This is a three-week evening course, taking place over three consecutive Wednesday evenings.

What you need:

A laptop that can connect to wifi

Permission to install software on this laptop


10.01.18 19:0024.01.18 21:00
Makeshop, Lincoln Place
€180 with Arduino Kit, €100 B.Y.O. Arduino & Parts