SCIENCE ESPRESSO 3: AVRIL KENNAN The interface of science & society - the role of medical research charities

Science Espressos are a series of talks running alongside the SPARKS exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin throughout January and February, offering visitors the chance to get up close and personal with experts representing different areas of health research. 

The third talk in the series takes place at 6.30pm on Tuesday, 30th January and features Avril Kennan, CEO of the Medical Research Charities Group. Avril will examine the role of medical research charities in her talk on the interface of science and society.

The role of medical research charities in society is changing. Once solely funders of research, they are now also playing an increasingly important role in shaping health research and in ensuring that it has meaning for patients and the public. The Medical Research Charities Group brings 36 such Irish charities together and is working to support them in affecting change on behalf of the populations they represent. In keeping with a palpable shift towards more openness in science, this talk will take a look at how charities are working with scientists, the public and policy makers, to change how we think about health research.

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