Scientific B*llsh*t: How to smell a [lab] rat

At times of great uncertainty and turmoil, a collective increase in anxiety fuels the rapid online dissemination of false information. We have seen how in the 21st century science, health and politics are often the target of fake news where, the lines between opinions, personal experiences and facts are often blurred. How can we decode the truth behind the headline? Joseph Roche (Trinity College Dublin) and Declan Fahy (Dublin City University) will join us to help equip us with the tools to help spot the warning signs, the pseudoscience claims and everything in between.

About the speakers:

Joseph Roche is an astrophysicist and assistant professor in science education at the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin. He teaches Science and Society and Communicating Science as part of the Masters in Science Education programme, and is course coordinator of a Postgraduate Certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning.

Declan Fahy is a communications lecturer in DCU who researches how media shape the public understanding of science, health, environment, and technology. His work also examines journalists and scientists who are influential public intellectuals, a topic he explored in his 2015 book, The New Celebrity Scientists: Out of the Lab and Into the Limelight.

This event is part of THE MANIFESTATION OF THE MISREPRESENTED, a four-part evening series where we uncover the art of deception and fraud in our everyday lives. From art and science to the spoken word and the news we read each day, ‘the fake narrative’ permeates every element of the modern culture.

Each week we will be joined by an expert who will explore the value of authenticity, the rise of junk news, and ask whether, in a globalised economy, counterfeit products can ever be as good as the genuine article.

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For more information on the three other lectures in this series, visit the links below: 

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- Masters of Deception: Fakery in the Natural World 21.03.18

- The Art of Faking It: The Science of Forgery in Art 04.04.18

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