Neurohumanities Public Talks: Evolution of Music and Biology

Join us on Thursday, 26th of April as part of the Neurohumanities public talk series featuring Armand Leroi who will speak on 'Evolution of Music and Biology'.

Armand Leroi

Armand Leroi is an author, broadcaster, and professor of evolutionary developmental biology at Imperial College, London. His scientific research includes the first attempts to test and define the beneficial acclimation hypothesis. In addition to his research, Dr. Leroi is also a prolific writer and science communicator. In 2004 he was awarded the Guardian First Book Award for his book "On Genetic Variety and the Human Body". He has presented numerous TV and radio documentaries for Channel 4 and BBC4, including “Human Mutants”, “Alien Worlds” and “What Makes Us Human.” His recent work focuses on the relationship between the evolution of biology with the evolution of human culture.


What is culture?
The sciences study nature; the humanities study culture.  That, roughly, has been the division of labour in academia since the Scientific Revolution.  In this talk Armand Leroi will argue that this division is about to be obliterated.  The availability of large amounts of digitized culture — books, music, art — means that they can be studied, at large scale, as never before.  The products of human civilization are being quantified; and scientists (who love quantitative data) are piling in to find patterns at the grandest scale, and build statistical models of their causes.  This new science will look a lot like evolutionary biology— but it won’t be about bugs and worms, but novels, cars and pop songs.  And it may tell us how to control culture — and make it. 

Neurohumanities Public Talks

The ISSF supports a new and vigorous external speakers programme in the Neurohumanities that is managed by a cross-disciplinary seminar organizing committee. These are designed to bring STEM and humanities researches to reflect, discuss and think together, as well as to provide a platform for public engagement. It further funds workshops and discussion meetings that connect STEM and Humanities.


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