Neurohumanities Public Talks: Consciousness

Join us on Thursday, 17th of May as part of the Neurohumanities public talk series featuring Michael Graziano who will speak on 'Consciousness'.

Michael Graziano

Michael Graziano is an American scientist and novelist who is currently a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Princeton University. His scientific research focuses on the brain basis of awareness. He has proposed the "attention schema" theory, an explanation of how, and for what adaptive advantage, brains attribute the property of awareness to themselves. His previous work focused on how the cerebral cortex monitors the space around the body and controls movement within that space.

Neurohumanities Public Talks

The ISSF supports a new and vigorous external speakers programme in the Neurohumanities that is managed by a cross-disciplinary seminar organizing committee. These are designed to bring STEM and humanities researches to reflect, discuss and think together, as well as to provide a platform for public engagement. It further funds workshops and discussion meetings that connect STEM and Humanities.


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