Digital Citizenship Summit

This is a community event supported by Science Gallery Dublin.  If you have an idea for a small community event you would like to host, email for more information. 

Ireland's first #DigCitSummit is powered by Learning Tech Labs

We view digital citizenship as an action, something that we need to practice and do every single day. In today’s networked world, this is our opportunity to put global education into practice to empower others to become changemakers for using tech for good in local, global, digital communities.

Digital citizenship promotes the importance of being critical thinkers and solution creators who make a positive impact. In doing so, digital citizenship is about the heart of being human, creating ripples of good, continuously learning side by side and that when we work together, we are better together.

Why Attend the DigCit Summit?

The DigCit Summit provides the ideal gathering space for national and international Digital Citizenship influencers. The meeting format will be different than the usual conference. We will create conversations about concepts and opportunities with a goal toward cultural change.

The Summit will foster cross-sector collaboration around Positive DigCit. The purpose of the additional free events is to involve not only the attendees but also the public/community.

Who’s Attending the DigCit Summit?

The DigCit Summit gathers stakeholders from all areas to expand their knowledge of all facets of digital citizenship and the necessity of working together with youth.

Educators, tech leaders, innovators, students, parents, administrators, government officials, education officials from local, state, and federal levels, media specialists, non-profit organizations, businesses, thought leaders, librarians, youth-advocates, and more will gather together at the DigCit Summit. Every person is vital to the collective. Every person has a unique view and important input into the whole.

Register through Eventbrite below and visit for more information on the event. 

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