The Genuine Article: Newsworthy or News Wary?

Journalism is changing fast and how we consume news media even faster. With the majority of people looking online as the source of their news feed, how can we make sure the news we read is the full truth? Social media has opened up a new world, providing journalists with new avenues of sources and information but there is also an increased danger of misinformation.

The role of the journalist in finding and providing the truth around events has become vital.  This talk will explore the area of verification in the news media in detail with Joe Galvin, the Director of News with Storyful, the world's first social media news agency.

This event is part of THE MANIFESTATION OF THE MISREPRESENTED, a four-part evening series where we uncover the art of deception and fraud in our everyday lives. From art and science to the spoken word and the news we read each day, ‘the fake narrative’ permeates every element of the modern culture.

Each week we will be joined by an expert who will explore the value of authenticity, the rise of junk news, and ask whether, in a globalised economy, counterfeit products can ever be as good as the genuine article.

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For more information on the three other lectures in this series, visit the links below: 

- Masters of Deception: Fakery in the Natural World 21.03.18 

The Art of Faking It: The Science of Forgery in Art 04.04.18 

- Scientific B*llsh*t: How to smell a [lab] rat 02.05.18

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