Idea Translation Lab Class of 2018: Showcase

Class of 2018 Idea Translation Lab Presentations and Showcase

The theme of this year’s Idea Translation Lab course is LEDGES: LIFE AT THE EDGES tying in with Science Gallery’s upcoming exhibition of the same name. In the Idea Translation Lab (ITL) course, students will work at the boundaries of art, science & engineering to develop original ideas and projects where these disciplines meet. ITL is a cross-disciplinary undergraduate course stimulating the development of entrepreneurial, creative and critical thinking skills through collaborative group projects.

Trinity College students use the Science Gallery as a lab to explore the future of biology underwater, in outerspace and in other extreme environments.

12:00 — Exhibition of student projects in Studio 1 & 2

12:30 — Presentations & judging of student groups in Paccar Theater



GET A WHIFF transports visitors to exclusive locales through simulated smellscapes.  


Eight boards. No children. One question. Who Plays Here? Not Syrian Refugees.

Alien Environments Protection Agency

The Alien Environments Protection Agency is at the front line of environmental protection of all planets. 


‘F*CK IT LIST’ is a travel agency for exciting, exceptional and extreme travel destinations.


Unleash Your Superpowers


Punk nonprofit determined to terraform mars in the name of anarchy.

Since 2011, Science Gallery Dublin has hosted an innovative cross disciplinary undergraduate course called Idea Translation Lab, which runs during the Hilary Term in Trinity College Dublin.  This course offers students from arts, humanities and science disciplines an opportunity to collaborate, and develop new innovative ideas where these disciplines meet and the potential to showcase their work on an international stage.  Initially developed as part of Science Gallery’s, EC FP7 project, Studiolab, with links to the ArtScience Prize and programmes developed by Prof David Edwards at Harvard University and Le Laboratoire, Paris, The Idea Translation Lab in 2016 was generously supported by The NTR Foundation. 

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  • Where: Studio 1
  • Price: Free - No Registration Required

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