De-Extinction Dinner [SOLD-OUT]

What are the emerging technologies, risks and outcomes of the growing movement to bring back extinct species? If we brought back these species what would they taste like and would they be fake or a copy of the real thing? This dinner looks at the difficult science -— and challenging ethics — of resurrecting extinct species from recovered bits of their DNA. Featuring adjusted expiration dates and tall tales from chefs that will braise the dead. 

Curated dinner presented by the Center of Genomic Gastronomy

This workshop is part of our De-Extiction week at Science Gallery Dublin. For more information on the other events in this series, visit the links below: 

De-Extinction Revival - What Would it Really Cost? 11.04.18 

- De-Extinction Animal Re-Anamation 14.04.18

If you are an attendee who would like to avail of ISL interpretation for this event, please contact

Watch the highlights of our FUTURE FEASTING series from FIELD TEST. 



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  • Where: Science Gallery Cafe
  • Price: €35.00
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