De-Extinction Revival — What Would it Really Cost?

De-Extinction is no longer the work of sci-fi movies and books, it is part of the conservation toolkit of the 21st century. Scientists have already finagled a few ways to resurrect long-gone species from their evolutionary graves. As part of this talk with Andrew Mooney of the Zoology Department at Trinity College Dublin, we ask what the social, ethical and legal ramifications are of proposed de-extinction. With so many species on the brink of disappearing, it seems ever more likely that reviving them may prove to be an important conservation tool moving forward. But how are we going to accomplish this for so many species, and more importantly, how are we going to decide which species we are going to select?

This talk is the first event in our De-Extiction week at Science Gallery Dublin.  For more information on the other events in this series, visit the links below: 

De-Extinction Dinner 13.04.18 

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