Quantified Self Meet Up

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Quantified Wellness & Assisted Living

Do you track personal information, hoping to gain insights into yourself or your surrounding world? Are you curious about people who do?  The Dublin Quantified Self group (#QSelfDublin) is for anyone interested in self-tracking. Whether you record your jogging times, how often you communicate with friends or how you are feeling - they would love to hear from you! 

New digital devices allowing self-tracking of health are gaining popularity. This ‘self-monitoring’ approach is changing how health care delivery is managed, and how health related information is shared with others and used.  In this session, we will discuss issues and demonstrate technology pertaining to monitoring and evaluating wellness for older people with different levels of ability and care support, domicile in diverse community settings (home, assisted living community, residential home).  In aged care, the point of reference for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on wellness can be usefully extended to include other actors (care assistants, nurses, family members) and sensors.  Critically, wellness monitoring and evaluation should span all three pillars of wellness (i.e. physical, psychological and social).

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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
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