17th century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer created astonishingly beautiful paintings that foreground the minutia of everyday lives, capturing the play of light with a degree of photorealism that has led art historians to speculate that Vermeer sought the assistance of a camera obscura – an optical device that projects a reflected image onto a wall – in the creation of his scenes.  Entrepreneur and inventor Tim Jenison puts his insatiable curiosity and considerable financial largesse to the task of physically recreating the conditions under which Vermeer worked to create an exact replica of the artist’s painting ‘The Music Lesson’.  The film will be introduced by Kate Drinane, Tours Administrator at the National Gallery of Ireland.

To register for tickets please visit http://ifi.ie/fake-views-tims-vermeer/

FILM INFO: 80 mins, USA, 2013, Digital

Location: Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

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  • Price: €8.00

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