If you're a curious festival-goer at Body and Soul, visit us in the Forest to view an excerpt from our summer exhibition LIFE AT THE EDGES. We’ve brought together two exhibits that tell two different stories about the reason and consequence behind interstellar exploration: Humanity Star and The Trash Map.

Visible with the naked eye, the Humanity Star is a highly reflective satellite that blinks brightly across the night sky to create a shared experience for everyone on the planet. Created by Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck, the Humanity Star is a geodesic sphere made from carbon fibre with 76 highly reflective panels. It spins rapidly, reflecting the sun’s rays back to Earth, creating a flashing light that can be seen against a backdrop of stars. Orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes and visible from anywhere on the globe, the Humanity Star was designed to be a bright symbol and reminder to all on Earth about our fragile place in the universe — or is it merely “space graffiti” cluttering up our night sky?

The Trash Map is an infographic of all the man-made objects left on the moon by various space programmes — from satellite pieces to spaceship bits. Created by designer Marte Tiegen, the Trash Map explores humanity’s relationship with space and the costs of exploration. Our space in the Forest at Body and Soul will also feature a soundscape headphone experience of trash in space and discussions lead by Sophie Murray, a research fellow in astrophysics at Trinity College Dublin. Join us and immerse yourself in the farthest reaches of human exploration.


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