The SIGNAL series will examine upcoming trends, tech, careers and creativity in music.

SIGNAL: LIVE CODE will explore how coding is the frame on which digital music production, synthesis and live performance is created. Host Martin Clancy will be joined by M4L specialist Mark Towers, a lead developer at Isotonik Studios (UK) to discuss “under the hood” programmes such as Max, Csound and Pure Data, and how they are increasingly stepping into the light and being used by creatives in music, mixed media and the visual arts. The event will close with a live coding performance in which the audience will be invited to participate. 

SIGNAL is a new dedicated series of discussions and interactive demonstrations focused on cutting-edge technology, creativity and music, featuring artists, educators and creative thinkers. The series is a collaboration between Science Gallery Dublin and Martin Clancy, a music researcher at the Trinity College Dublin's Long Room Hub. Martin is a certified Ableton Live trainer with over thirty years’ professional experience as both a music producer and an industry professional. 


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