What is it about inhospitable settings that spark our imagination and our appetite for adventure?

As part of the Festival of Curiosity, join us for an extreme adventure into the unknown with our LIFE AT THE EDGES Late, featuring music, talks and live performances that take a deep dive into the exhibition and probe what taking it to the extremes could be like. Delve into the outer limits through the works on display, check out our pop-up RISO print studio from OR STUDIO and get out a hands-on look at far-out places across the globe, under the sea and in deep space. The excellent HOMEBEAT DJ's will provide a perfect musical backdrop to the exhibition on the night We’ll also be joined by the podcast duo SEXY BEASTS, who will present their first live show exploring what life might really be like for an extraterrestrial on Titan. All of this will be accompanied by unique soundscapes from Dreamcycles (Jennifer Moore) and Cli Ø (Cliona Ni Laoi), taking us on an experimental, mystical, cosmic adventure. 

See the full schedule in the image below. 

Please Note: This event is ages 18+ and that photography and video may be taken at the event for media and marketing purposes and distributed online and on our social media platforms.

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  • Where: Science Gallery
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